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Introduction to Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular weight calculator is an online tool to calculate atomic mass and molecular mass. Molecular mass calculator helps a user to complete his work in a given time without any errors.

How many elements are in the periodic table?

In a periodic table, there are a total of 118 elements. The tabular chart we see on the periodic table is arranged on the basis of atomic number of the element. The first element of the periodic table is Hydrogen having mass number 1.01 and the last element of the periodic table is Ununoctium having mass number 294.

Perodic table

Periodic table is the main source for getting information for chemists. The periodic table helps Chemists to get the atomic mass of an element before balancing chemical equations with subscripts and coefficients.

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Formula used to calculate Molecular Weight

Molecular mass calculator uses a molecular weight formula for finding molar mass. For example the molecular formula of water is H2O.

The molecular weight formula is

Molecular Weight = (number of hydrogen atoms)(H atomic weight) + (number of oxygen atoms)(O atomic weight).

Molecular weight formula helps the molecular mass calculator to find molar mass, grams per moles and molecular weight.

How to calculate Molecular Weight?

There are 2 ways used for finding molar mass and calculating molecular weight. The first way includes all the manual calculations and the other way includes finding molar mass and molecular weight using a molecular formula calculator. The manual way of finding molar mass using a molecular weight formula is as the molecular formula of water is H2O. In water, there are 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom. We can find the atomic weight of hydrogen and oxygen from the periodic table.

Atomic weight of Hydrogen: 1.01

Atomic weight of Oxygen: 16.00

The molecular weight formula which is also used by molar mass calculator is

Molecular Weight = (number of hydrogen atoms)(H atomic weight) + (number of oxygen atoms)(O atomic weight). So we calculate this as follows:

Molecular Weight = (2 x 1.01) + (1 x 16)

Molecular Weight of Water = 2.02 + 16

Molecular Weight of Water = 18.02 amu

Molecular formula calculator works on the above molecular weight formula for finding molecular weight. This also helps you understand the calculations of chemical equation balancing. You can use chemical equation product calculator for calculating chemical equations online.

How do you calculate the average Molecular weight?

In order to calculate average molecular weight, you'll need to find out the atomic weight of a substance. You can look at the periodic table with atomic mass to find the value. After that you'll need to know how many molecules you have.

By determining those values, you can calculate the average molecular weight easily. You can also use a molecular mass calculator to calculate average molecular weight and the average percentage.

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How to calculate molar mass?

The atomic mass of an element can be found from a periodic table. For calculating molar mass of carbon monoxide we'll see the atomic mass of carbon and oxygen from the periodic table. We'll add those numbers together along with the unit grams per mole for finding molar mass.

Atomic mass of Carbon = 12.01

Atomic mass of Oxygen = 16.00

Molar mass of Carbon Monoxide = 28.01

This way we can calculate the molar mass of a compound or one-carbon compound. We can also use molecular weight calculator for finding molar mass of a compound.

Can we rely on Molecular Weight Calculator?

Molecular mass calculator is an online tool and this average atomic mass calculator has been tested over and over again to confirm that it is accurate and efficient. Besides its efficiency and accuracy, one must not totally rely on a molar mass calculator for finding molar mass. There is always a chance of any technical fault but overall our molecular formula calculator is completely safe and efficient as it provides accurate results.

How to use Molecular Weight Calculator?

Using our molecular formula calculator is not difficult and you'll not need any basic training before using this. You can just open this molar mass calculator and follow below steps:

Step #1: Open molecular formula calculator on desktop or mobile.

Step #2: Enter any chemical formula.

Step #3: Press "GO" button.

Immediately our atomic mass calculator will calculate the Number of atom, Molar mass (g/mol), Subtotal mass (%) and Subtotal mass (g/mol) along with the total molecular weight.

You can also click on common organic compounds or elements of the periodic table to calculate their molecular weight with our average atomic mass calculator.

We hope you find our molecular weight calculator useful. Please send us your feedback so that we could improve it further. Cheers!

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